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Tree Removal

 Whether you need a tree removed because it's too close to your house or business, or because it's diseased, or downed from a storm, we can evaluate and recommend the best course of action for your trees. 

Storm Service

Violent storms are a fact of life in Northeast Alabama. A downed tree can present a dangerous situation. We are fully prepared to deal with storm damage in a safe and timely manner. Our phones are manned 24 hours a day.

Tree Trimming

When power lines and buildings get in the way of ever-expanding tree limbs, the tree becomes a safety hazard. If your trees are hazardous to your safety and the safety of those around you, we can trim dead areas and remove branches to maintain safety and growth.

How To Spot A Dangerous Tree & When To Call A Professional

If you know what to look for, you can keep a potentially dangerous tree from hurting someone, or damaging your property.  If you find any of the conditions listed in the section below, you should call a professional. 

Tree service trimming dangerous limbs

Inspect the overall health of your trees

-After each change of season, as well as after a heavy windstorm, or several days of rain.  If a tree is leaning, or has any big, dead limbs, or spots where leaves are thin, or gone, and that tree is near your home, parking area, or play area, you should call a professional for an evaluation.

Inspect the ground around your trees

 -Look for signs of decaying roots, such as cracked or raised soil, the presence of fungus (like mushrooms), and dead branches.

Check the trunk

-For cracks or cavities, or places where the bark is gone or falling off.  Fine or coarse sawdust shavings are an indication of insects attacking a sick tree.  A long streak of missing bark usually means the tree has been struck by lightning, trees can survive a lightning strike, but check again in 6 to 8 weeks to see if it's losing its leaves.  Multi-stemmed trunks should have a U shape at the connection, a V shape indicates weakness.


Check the canopy

-Have dead and broken branches removed.


Call for a Free Estimate

If you are unsure about the potential hazards of the trees around your home or business, always call a professional!  It's better to be safe than sorry!